Our treatment sourcing service

How does a patient navigate the maze of healthcare provision to identify the best treatment provider for them?

This is a unique specialist service dedicated to assisting individuals through the vast world of healthcare provision. We identify choices and offer information in an unbiased and concise way that then allows you to make informed decisions based on all the key factors listed above. Our service is delivered by doctors only – we employ quantitative analysis alongside more traditional medical expertise to deliver the very best service for you.

Using your uploaded medical records and our data on audited hospital and clinician outcomes, we are able to source the best hospitals and doctors for your medical condition.  Equipped with the right information, you and your loved ones can make decisions with confidence.

treatment sourcing

What factors does a prospective patient consider when choosing a treatment provider?

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Timing
  • Quality

We take all these factors into account when selecting the best healthcare providers.

Main features

The World's Largest Medical Expert Directory

Access to data covering 15,000+ specialists and 500+ hospitals globally – private and public

A doctor-led and managed service

our doctors carry out detailed analysis of individual healthcare providers and clinicians

Independent, objective and authoritative

we are not affected by financial conflicts of interest in researching and identifying the best treatment providers for you

Uniquely tailored to your medical condition

our expertise encompasses all medical specialities and disciplines

How does the treatment sourcing process work?

Data collection

Simply provide your clinical details and upload your medical records to our secure servers


Our medical team will perform in-depth research to identify the best treatment providers for your condition.

Your report

Our medical team will provide your completed report within 72 hours.
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