Imagine having access to a resource encompassing rigorous analysis coupled with expert review of your case from the worlds leading medical minds

Transforming health outcomes lies at the very core of what we do

The quality of the healthcare you receive is underpinned by decisions which need to be based upon robust evidence which has been appropriately analysed. We support healthcare providers to deliver the very best patient outcomes for you. Our strengths lie in leveraging research capabilities to formulate medical reviews tailored to your health condition.

Acuitus Medical create value through our detailed analysis using leading-edge technology to go beyond a simple review of your medical case file by a single expert. Our in-house research expertise sets us apart from other providers of expert medical opinions. A core analytics team and our physicians work closely together to ensure a rigorous scientific approach to assessing the data. Subsequent expert review sought from a panel of specialists ensures the very best outcomes for you. Acuitus Medical is affiliated to Centre for Surgery, a leading London surgical clinic.

Expert Medical Reviews

Our approach to optimising medical decision-making

We employ a comprehensive 3-layered approach to patients to ensure medical reports underpinned by rigorous quantitative analysis,  an expert medical review from the worlds leading medical experts and a physician advocacy service provided throughout the process.

Our Three Step Process

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Research Stage

Medical reports underpinned by rigorous quantitative analysis

Medical Review

An expert medical review from the worlds leading medical experts

Physician Advocacy

A physician advocacy service provided throughout the process

Our research capabilities

Our core strength lies in our unrivalled research capabilities underpinned by expertise in mathematical modelling. We harness the power of predictive analytics and evidence-based medicine to assess the hard data. We then extract the information necessary to support the healthcare decision-making process. Here, we describe the principles of both disciplines, and how we bring them together to create a powerful synergy for you.

We utilise advanced statistical techniques in the form of regression models to perform extensive data searches of the scientific and clinical literature. This is based on the information held in your collected medical records. Our clinical decision support system (CDDS) employs data sorting algorithms which we use to identify high quality research papers specific to your medical condition.

By linking your medical records with advanced analytics – we ensure we have the highest quality data ready for rigorous critical appraisal by our team of physicians,

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the process of systematically reviewing, appraising and using clinical research findings to aid the delivery of optimum clinical care to patients.

The logic behind EBM

To make EBM more acceptable to clinicians and to encourage its use, it is best to turn a specified problem into answerable questions by examining:

  • The person or population in question
  • The intervention proposed or given
  • The comparison (if appropriate)
  • The outcomes considered.

Next, it is necessary to refine the problem into explicit questions and then check to see whether the evidence exists. But where can we find the information to help us make better decisions?

Common sources include:

  • Personal experience – for example, an adverse drug reaction
  • Reasoning and intuition
  • Colleagues
  • Published evidence.

It is only by educating healthcare professionals and making them aware of the strength of published evidence in contrast to more traditional – and less rigorous – sources of information, that the use of ineffective, costly or even potentially hazardous interventions can be reduced. Acuitus Medical focus on the published evidence – the highest form of evidence available to inform healthcare decision-making.

EBM forms part of the multifaceted process of assuring clinical effectiveness, the main elements of which are:

  • Production of evidence through research and scientific review
  • Production and dissemination of evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Implementation of evidence-based practice through education and management of change
  • Evaluation of compliance with agreed practice guidance through clinical audit and outcomes-focused incentives.

For any clinician, the real key to assessing the usefulness of a clinical study and interpreting the results to an area of work is through the process of critical appraisal. This is a method of assessing and interpreting the evidence by systematically considering its validity, results and relevance to the area of work considered.

Sometimes a randomised controlled trial (RCT) may fail to give a clear result, or results from multiple studies may yield different estimates of treatment effect. However, by identifying all published information in a given clinical area (systematic review) and pooling the results in a statistically valid fashion (meta-analysis) it is possible to arrive at a more precise estimate of treatment effect.

Our research capabilities

      • Transforming health outcomes lies at the very core of what we do
      • Not just a second opinion
      • We harness the power of predictive analytics
      • Using evidence-based medicine (EBM) to support effective health-care decisions
      • The worlds most eminent medical experts
      • Designed to work alongside both private and public healthcare providers
      • Comprehensive Coverage
      • Personalised medicine for effective medical decision-making
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