Who We Are

Acuitus Medical is a medical decision support service aimed at people who care about achieving the best health outcomes. Our specialist team of researchers and physicians work with the world’s leading academic medical centres to ensure your healthcare provider is making the very best decisions that impact on your medical care.

We have assisted tens of thousands of patients from across the globe to improve their health outcomes through the meticulous preparation of comprehensive expert medical reviews.

Our Mission


What We Do

Changing people’s lives lies at the very heart of what we do. We do this by delivering a three-layered solution to transform health outcomes.

Rigorous Quantitative Analysis

Using your medical records, our research team analyse the scientific and clinical evidence underpinning your previous medical history, existing diagnosis and treatment plan.

Expert Medical Review

We appoint a panel of leading medical experts with authority in your medical condition to review your case and provide recommendations on diagnosis and the latest treatments.

Ongoing Physician Advocacy

Our physicians guide you through all aspects of your healthcare episode. a fully relevent and actionable expert medical review ensures you can move forward with confidence.

How We Work

Our in-house team comprises talented individuals responsible for data collection and subsequent analysis


Our health records team collect the appropriate healthcare records under your authority. They are responsible for collecting and organising the relevant information, and then anonymising your file to protect your identity. We take data protection legislation very seriously, and strive to go beyond compliance to achieve best practice in the field.

Our team of medical statisticians employ proprietary data-sorting algorithms to search for the most appropriate scientific and clinical research papers from across the  published medical literature. Detailed parameters are used to identify research papers of the highest quality.

“In an age of increasing medical complexity, the uncertainty surrounding clinical effectiveness is a major concern for modern healthcare delivery organisations such as ours – Acuitus Medical aim to support healthcare decision-making for enhanced outcomes for patients”

Data Collection

Our Physicians role is three-fold

  • We perform an advisory role directly to you – the patient. Our commitment to patient advocacy  ensures you remain fully versed with all aspects of your healthcare. Imparting knowledge and understanding means better-informed patients and better health outcomes.
  • To assess the validity of treatment findings from research papers. All our physicians share a passion for evidence-based medicine (EBM). They are fully trained to appraise the latest scientific and clinical data specific to your condition using advanced appraisal techniques. We systemically appraise every identified study which meets our quality standards using advanced methods of quantitative analysis. The completed analysis is synthesised with your health records to produce a comprehensive data set ready for expert interpretation by our medical experts.
  • Our physicians source and commission the worlds leading experts in your medical condition. They perform expert critical appraisal of your medical file – both the existing diagnostic data and our own analysis of published research. Our physicians act as the essential interface between the medical experts, your health care provider and most importantly, you.

Selected Team Profiles

Each newly referred case is allocated to one of our medical analysts who are all highly qualified physicians experienced in your particular condition.

Equality and Diversity

At Acuitus Medical, we are committed to the creation of a culture of fairness. For us, a fair culture is one which respects the contributions which can be made by talented people from all backgrounds and with differing views and experiences and one which provides an inclusive and supportive working environment.

We are convinced that such a culture enhances in a significant way our ability to provide a service of quality to our clients.

This culture of fairness underpins our recruitment practice and guides the firm’s policies in relation to the development and retention of those who work at the firm.

We actively encourage applications from the following groups:

  • LGBT communities
  • Black and other ethnic minority communities
  • People with a disability
  • Those from under-privileged backgrounds

Our equality and diversity statistics

We collect diversity data about our employees and partners annually. Click here for our most recent statistics.

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